Pausing for Peace

Pausing for Peace
Clergy Guide

Thank you for supporting our Jackson Health System caregivers’ spiritual needs during this time of global crisis and personal anxiety. Any of our employees will be able to listen live to your messages from work or home, and we will also archive them on our employee website for those who cannot listen live but want to tune in at a later time.

If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to reach out:
Matthew I. Pinzur
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer


Getting Started

  • Please test your Zoom connection well before your scheduled session. You are welcome to participate with or without video, and you may call in with a standard phone number if that is easier than using the Zoom software or app.
  • Sessions start promptly at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Please join the Zoom session at least 5 minutes before your scheduled start time so our staff member can properly unmute your line and ensure everything is working smoothly.
  • Please conclude your remarks after approximately 10 minutes; employees watching at work may not be able to take a longer break.

Connection Information
Morning Sessions:

  • Zoom link:
  • Manually join via Zoom: Meeting ID 806170967
  • Manually phone: 786-635-1003, code 806170967#

Evening Sessions:

  • Zoom link:
  • Manually join via Zoom: Meeting ID 926472527
  • Manually phone: 786-635-1003, code 926472527#

Tips for Success

  • At the start of each session, a member of our staff will introduce you briefly or you may introduce yourself.
  • Employees listening may be from any faith background, traditional or otherwise. They will know in advance your affiliation and will have the link to your bio if you provided one.
  • All participants except you will be muted to ensure the highest sound quality. Please do not be surprised when you do not hear any audible response or feedback from your audience.
  • Please let us know with as much notice as possible if you are unable to participate for a scheduled session. Of course, we understand the unpredictable nature of these times and will be happy to find a substitute.