Yesenia Valdes

June 19, 2018

Yesenia Valdes is an Outreach Specialist and Event Lead for Armstrong Creative Consulting. As an Outreach Specialist, she is responsible for implementing the strategic campaign strategies outlined for key clients, including Jackson Health and The Homeless Trust.

Specific tasks include managing street team members, gathering data, building relations with community members and attending Town Hall meetings. She also works as an Event Lead. In this role, she is responsible for the logistics leading up to an event, as well as a key player in the execution on the day of. She has been a vital member of the team that executes the Family Expo for the past three years. In addition, for the last seven years, she has worked with project leaders in over 100 schools to execute Homeless Awareness Day. Yesenia was the Event Lead in five Hispanic Heritage events sponsored by Western Union at various Publix locations. She is also bilingual, which helped make her a vital member of the team created to work with The Coalition to Save Our Libraries. The successful campaign resulted in the signing of nearly 7,000 petitions and ultimately ensured that the Miami-Dade Public Library System would remain intact.

Yesenia’s vast knowledge of the community and her drive to understand people and how they interact together, make her an integral member of A.C.C.’s team. Her passion to serve the community that she was born and raised align her with the values that remain a core part of the company’s vision.