Sam Grant

June 23, 2018

Sam Grant is the Creative Director for A.C.C. and is recognized as one of the most creative designers in the marketing industry. For over 30 years, Sam has not only created an infinite number of original visual identities, but he’s been involved in the look and feel of local and nationally known brands such as Metrorail, Atlantic Records and Westinghouse.

In addition to his impressive technical and design skills, Sam brings to bear an unparalleled knowledge of web technology that is immensely valuable to many of A.C.C.’s clients. His expertise includes HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP and JavaScript.

Sam has consulted for a number of corporations seeking to re-energize their brand/ image visually. Irrespective of language, medium or product, his work consistently embodies the combination of great thinking and amazing talent.

Sam’s many years of experience, leadership and passion for creative details makes him a vital part of the A.C.C. team.