Kimberly Ingram

June 17, 2018

Kimberly Ingram works as a Volunteer Coordinator and Event Assistant for A.C.C. In these roles, she is responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers, as well as assisting the Event Manager. Kimberly has worked with some of A.C.C.’s key clients, including The James Jones Legacy Foundation, The Children’s Trust and The Miami-Dade Homeless Trust. She has also been a member of the teams that executed The Friends of the Library Congressman John Lewis Event, The Children’s Trust Family Expo and The Miami-Dade Homeless Awareness Day.

Prior to working for A.C.C., Kimberly worked for the Miami-Dade Police Department for 27 years. It was there that her passion for community outreach evolved. Throughout her career with the police force she was charged with organizing and developing community events and programs throughout Miami-Dade County. During her seven-year assignment at the Community Affairs Bureau, she built a strong network with community-based organizations, local schools, places of worship, and businesses.

Kimberly further established her effective ability to foster excellent police community relations as she conducted large-scale crime prevention projects; held community meetings and events; implemented and coordinated the first D.A.R.E. (Drug Resistance Education Program) in Miami-Dade County Elementary Schools; and designed statewide youth training in conflict resolution. While assigned as the Community Oriented Policing Unit Supervisor, she worked with a multi-agency task force, Weed & Seed designed to “Weed” out identified crime problems, specifically narcotics and violent crime and “Seed” in police/community involvement and resources.

Kimberly earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Eastern Illinois University. Kimberly has embraced the value of dedicated service that her parents instilled in her. She calls being married to her husband and loving her two sons, Joshua and Jawanza her first ministry.