H.A.F. Outreach Team

Greetings Team,

We are excited to welcome new members to the Team, and we look forward to working with all of you to serve the community better. If you are NOT a year-round ACC street team member or have not completed an independent contractor application, please do so.

Information about activity reporting: A spreadsheet was created for every team member based on the reporting guidelines provided by the client. A web link to your individual spreadsheet can be found on the team roster link located on this page: https://acc.miami/haf. (Spreadsheets are connected to the email address we have on file for you) After you've located the link to your personal spreadsheet, you will notice your spreadsheet has FIVE "tabs" on the bottom of the screen, which you can navigate through by clicking on their titles.
  • Outreach Awareness Activities (Document any local business outreach, events, or high traffic canvassing you complete.)
  • Faith-Based Outreach Engagement (Document any outreach involving faith-based organizations)
  • Nonprofit Organization Outreach (Document any outreach involving nonprofit organizations, fraternities, sororities, etc.)
  • Activity Forecast (Document your outreach activity for the upcoming week. If revisiting a location you previously visited, enter the location details again for the upcoming week)
  • Hours Submitted to Gusto (Enter the exact amount hours in this spreadsheet that you submitted to Gusto.com)
We will retrieve the information you enter for agency reporting to the client weekly. Please add your entries daily if you can. The weekly deadline for all reporting is below. Only fill out the spreadsheet fields that apply to you. Leave them blank if you do not have information for that field.

Information about logging your hours: Our client uses the company Gusto.com to keep track of your work hours. If you have not received an email from them, you will once your background check is complete. There you will sign the necessary documents to begin your onboarding process. We are partnered with Indelible Solutions, so in addition to the ACC contractor application and W9, you must complete the forms below within the Gusto App for their record keeping.
  • Indelible IT Acknowledgement Form
  • NDA Agreement
  • Taxpayer Identification (Form W-9)
  • Revised HAF SERA Indelible Form (Notes: Under job title type "Contractor" and under "Requesters signature," enter your name)
This project is a Federal/State initiative with little to no flexibility, so you MUST comply to work on this initiative. The Gusto App will ask you to enter your bank information for direct deposits; however, this is just a requirement by the time logging software. Armstrong Creative Consulting will be the company issuing your paychecks. After the initial setup process in Gusto is complete and you are able to enter the hours you have worked into their platform, you will need to add one of the below codes in the notes section for each day worked:
  • D2 - Outreach Event Outreach Planning & Logistics
  • D2 - Event Outreach Work
Jeremy will be your Team Leader and is available to answer any questions about the spreadsheet reporting, activity forecast, or signing in to Gusto. Gusto has a slight learning curve, so feel comfortable reaching out to him if you need assistance or have questions. I can be reached at jeremy@acc.miami or via phone/text at 305-879-8136.

Keeping Track of Hours Worked You must log in to the Gusto app EVERY Saturday by midnight to log your hours and ALSO submit your hours via email to ACC.
Reporting Deadlines: (Try to complete daily)
  • Log your hours worked into Gusto.com – Saturday before Midnight
  • All tabs on your individual spreadsheet – Saturday before Midnight
Please view the links to the right:
  • View relevant information about the project
  • Access your activity forecast and reporting spreadsheet.
  • Submit applications/W9/invoices/documents/etc